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In Motion Axle Scale by Rinstrum Smart Weighing Solutions

  • Monitor yields, loads, waste and compliance
  • Document truck weights and eliminate overload fines.
  • Determine and maximise your load and axle weights before you go over a weighbridge.
  • Relocatable design for rented or variable work sites.


Drive over the scale at a constant ~3MPH (~5km/h). The scale will automatically weigh each axle and print a receipt with individual axle weights and the total. If you store the trucks ID and tare weight, or use 2 pass weighing, the controller will calculate the Gross, Tare and Net values.

User Installation

Step 1:Choose site that is flat and level twice the length of your longest truck
Step 2: Excavate and compact 14' (4.26m) X 10.5'(3.2m) x 2' (0.6m) deep. Dig a trench for home run cable and water drains.
Step 3: Lay 4'' (101.6mm) drain coil and first 6''(150mm) layer of 0.78''(20mm) road crush stone. Compact to 95%
Step 4:Lay second layer of 0.78''(20mm) road crush stone, compact to 95%. Surface should be 11.61'(295mm) below grade or approach.
Step 5:Entire foundation must be flat and level. This critical step is best achieved with a laser level to ensure accuracy.
Step 6: Set 50'(15.24m) of builder's string line parallel to the approaches and install the scale along this line.
Step 7: Slope 4"'(101.6mm) PCV storm water pipe away from foundation and run 1''(24mm) conduit from scale to controller. Back fill perimeter of scale, drains and conduit runs.
Step 8: Install controller on a suitable post, pole or wall and complete electrical connections. Apply power and weigh your trucks.


  • Outdoor Controller

    Weather resistant enclosure with stainless steel panel mount indicator, printer and dual side mounted traffic control lights.

    The R423 weight indicator features a large multi-segment display that uses logical prompts along with dedicated and programmable function keys. The primary display is 1.1''(29mm) and secondary display 0.70''(18mm). Dedicated truck and print keys simplify the operator interface.

  • Indoor Controller

    The R420 industrial controller includes an ABS housing and stand connected to a desk top printer. It includes power control station and outdoor weather resistant traffic lights.

    The R420 weight indicator features a large multi-segment display that uses logical prompts along with dedicated and programmable function keys. The primary display is 1.12''(28.4mm) and secondary display 0.7''(17.6mm). Dedicated truck and print keys simplify the operator interface.

  • Deck

    Either 11' or 12'(3.35-3.65m) deck option.
    Capacity: 40,000 lbs (20t) per axle
    Display Resolution: 20 lbs (10kg)

    Site Requirements

    Approach (customer provided): Minimum 80'(24.39m) "flat and level" approach on either side of the scale recommended

    A poured concrete approach to the scale is not required but will improve accuracy. Minimum 10' poured concrete approach is recommended.

    Foundation (customer provided): 12"(305mm) bed of CA-6 Structural Fill (crushed stone)

  • Clicker System

    The Remote Truck Identification system operates from 50'(15.24m) away. Each remote is programmed to identify a unique truck ID number. Never leave the cab. Click the remote and drive across the scale. Remote key fobs purchased individually with up to 24 per system.

  • Remote Display/Scoreboard

    D732: A 7 segment super bright LED remote with 3"(75mm) high digits and traffic lights.

    • Weather / sun shade for remote display
    • Plate for pole mounting remote display
    • Articulating swivel arm and mounting plate for remote display

User Applications

Single Pass Weighing With Known Tare Weight

  • - Configure the truck empty weight
  • - ID the truck and proceed across the scale

Two Pass Weighing – Weigh In and Weigh Out


  • ID Truck then drive across the scale


  • ID the Truck again and drive across the scale


"Easy to use! Works great and I would recommend it to anyone!" - Sam Dykes - Cochran, GA

"I love the scale. It works great!"-Mike Kohlsdorf, IN, USA

"very happy with their axleWEIGHr. Weighing truck-loads of soybeans with only .02% error inbound axleWEIGHr total to outbound total at elevator"-
Philip Parish, P&H Farms

"We put the in motion scale last summer. We were able to keep the combines rolling without adding trucks, along with getting extremely accurate weights. The in motion scale is the only way to scale crops coming off of a harvest that is always as fast as the farm can go. "-Russ Mauch

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